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Mission Statement

The McCormick Staff Events Committee participates, assists, and advises in decision-making processes affecting the staff's relationship with the larger McCormick community.

Among the Committee's immediate and continuing concerns are:

  1. A better environment through participating in existing McCormick committees, and by suggesting ways to achieve efficiency and economy in operations
  2. Other specific areas of concern which are brought to its attention by any individual within the community
  3. Communicating interests to and from staff
  4. Development and implementation of more efficient and effective personnel policies and practices relating to the staff
  5. Improve staff-faculty relations
  6. Suggest staff compensation and staff benefit concerns.

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  1. Identifying and greeting new McCormick staff members and providing them with resource brochures and new employee welcome kits.
  2. The creation of the McCormick Staff Newsletter, McCormick on the Move.
  3. Introduction of quarterly staff faculty social events from Hot Chocolate in the winter to Ice Cream Sundaes in the summer.
  4. Successfully organized a McCormick Business Administrator group to foster communication and learning between the various departments.
  5. Lobbied for the McCormick listserv to reach all staff members in McCormick with current and timely announcements.
  6. Lunch & Learn series.
  7. Conducted two charity drives for three Evanston charities on behalf of the McCormick staff.

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Constitution and Bylaws

McCormick Staff Events Committee is composed of staff, appointed by the Dean or his/her representative, from among the exempt and non-exempt staff of the McCormick School of Engineering. It serves an important function for communication between McCormick's administration and the staff.

The committee's primary liaison shall be with the Associate Dean of Administration, Finance and Planning.

The Dean's Office shall provide, from its resources and budget, a reasonable amount of support the committee's activities. The functions of the Committee are as follows:

  • To work with the McCormick Administration in reviewing and addressing the staff concerns and interests.
  • To initiate suggestions for improvements in McCormick and to help bring to the attention of McCormick Administration useful ideas that may originate from within the staff.
  • To recommend to the Dean staff members who can serve as appointees on other McCormick committees where such appointments are appropriate.
  • To serve, in general, to help make McCormick a, fulfilling and attractive environment for employment.
  • To serve as a "sounding board" for McCormick Administration on proposed actions and programs that will affect the staff.

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Committee Members

Jason L. Grocholski
Associate Director of Faculty Affairs
Technological Institute L272
Email Jason

Mike Vilches
Senior Technical Support Specialist
Technological Institute L363
Email Mike

Yasmeen Khan
Business Coordinator (NICO)
Chambers Hall, 1st Floor
Email Yasmeen


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Join the Committee

The McCormick Staff Events Committee is always on the lookout for new members. Email Jason Grocholski on how you can get involved.