COMP_ENG 395, 495: Smart Cities

Quarter Offered

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Modern smart cities aim at managing the city’s infrastructures that include transportation systems, energy and power plants, factory management, air and water control, etc. At the heart of the paradigm of a smart city lies the merging of Cyber-Physical systems and Socio-Technical systems into a value driven enterprise.

In this seminar, we will discuss the enabling technologies behind Socio-Technical systems as well as different applications of them in various domains of urban management. We will study the use of smart data (sensor network databases, on-the-fly data mining, geographic knowledge), and their interaction with smart people (social networks and volunteered information systems). A distinguishing characteristic of human participation in socio-technical processes such as crowdsourcing is the need for motivation. We will discuss also various techniques for providing incentives for inducing motivation and aligning disjoint individual interests in a group.

The application domains that we will cover include smart personalized routing, smart power grids, air-control and real-time population estimation.

Students will be graded based on their oral presentation of a paper, class participation and final class project.

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Peter Scheuermann