Pengfei Wang & Aleksandar Kuzmanovic's Research Featured in STATS Evaluation

Their work provides the industry’s first independent measurement study of live sports data feed services.

EECS Visiting Ph.D. Student Pengfei Wang and Prof. Aleksandar Kuzmanovic's research was featured in a news article, titled, "Northwestern University Finds STATS Surpasses Competition in Synthesis of Speed and Accuracy", published Mon, 11/6, 2017 by STATS.

Wang is visiting Prof. Kuzmanovic's Northwestern Networks Group from Northeastern University in China. Their work is is an independent evaluation commissioned by STATS of data feed providers, titled, “What’s the Score?”: A First Look at Sports Data Feed Services."

With technology and media partners in mind and its own standing at stake, STATS invested in an extensive data feed evaluation alongside two competitors – one North America-based and one Europe-based. The focus of the study was to create industry standard measurements around quality tied to the two core market requirements: accuracy and speed. STATS provides various tiers of data coverage for more than 600 leagues across 65-plus sports, and for the study Northwestern elected to focus on the NBA and English Premier League. Speed and accuracy were measured through 40 websites associated with one of the three providers from six locations across the globe.

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