Marc Gyongyosi's Northwestern Startup IFM Technologies Featured at NVIDIA GTC 2016

His novel drone technology will be presented & demoed on April 4-7, 2016 in Silicon Valley.

Marc Gyongyosi

IFM Technologies, led by EECS undergraduate CS student Marc Gyongyosi, will be presenting and demoing novel drone technology at the world’s largest GPU Technology Conference organized by NVIDIA on April 4-7, 2016 in Silicon Valley.

IFM develops novel drone technology capable of fully autonomous flight in unstructured environments without the need for external systems such as GPS. Current drone technology can only fly autonomously outdoors since it relies on GPS. Leveraging novel algorithms in Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion, and an onboard NVIDIA GPU (graphics card) IFM Technologies is the very first bringing autonomous drones indoors, enabling fully automated data capture. Building upon this innovation, IFM Technologies leverages the collected data to offer turn-key analytics solutions. Working together with partners in industry, IFM Technologies aims to mitigate downstream risks in operations by improving monitoring accuracy and transparency along the supply chain.

At NVIDIA GTC 2016, IFM Technologies will be showing off their novel technology to the public for the first time. GTC is comprised of the annual conference, year-long webinar series, and workshops that connect the global community of developers, researchers, and scientists through unique educational and networking opportunities.

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