EECS 395, 495: Concurrent Programming in Rust

Quarter Offered

Spring : 12:30-1:50 TuTh ; Tov


Modern, safe programming languages such as Java and Python have become increasingly accepted for application-level programming, but for systems programming, which often requires precise, low-level control of system resources, programmers still turn to C and C++. The new programming language Rust, under development by Mozilla, promises the best of both worlds: the type safety of Java with the speed and expressiveness of C++. Through discussions, lectures, and programming exercises, students will learn how to program in Rust and to use its resource ownership model effectively. Rust is especially well suited for our particular focus, concurrent programming, so students will use Rust as a vehicle for exploring both classic concurrency problems and more contemporary concerns.

  • This course fulfills the Systems Depth requirement.


PREREQUISITES: EECS 213 or permission from the Instructor