Move to Mudd

Computer Science has moved to our new location in Mudd Hall.

View an interactive map of the Mudd Hall location on campus

Location of Mudd Hall on campus

New Faculty Offices

Please see a list of faculty and their new office locations in Mudd Hall below. Click on a faculty name to view their faculty profile and contact information.

Faculty Name Mudd Room
Larry Birnbaum 3225
Fabian Bustamante 3509
Simone Campanoni 3512
Yan Chen 3007
Oliver Cossairt 3511
Anindya De 3013
Christos Dimoulas 3504
Peter Dinda 3507
Doug Downey 3111
Robby Findler 3502
Ken Forbus 3113
Kristian Hammond 3109
Jason Hartline 3015
Thomas Hinrichs 3201
Ian Horswill 3537
Jessica Hullman 3521
Ming-Yang Kao 3005
Aleksandar Kuzmanovic 3519
Han Liu 3119
Konstantin Makarychev 3009
Nell O'Rourke 3523
Bryan Pardo 3115
Chris Riesbeck 3117
Jennie Rogers 3123
Michael Rubenstein 3107
Sara Sood 3535
Vincent St-Amour 3215
Jesse Tov 3510
Jack Tumblin 3221
Sara Van Wart 3213
Aravindan Vijararaghavan 3011
Xiao Wang 3121
Haoqi Zhang 3531