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Winter & Spring 2020 Pass/No Pass Policies for Undergraduates (archival)

Note this information is no longer current, but is being retained online for archival purposes.

All undergraduate students will be graded on a Pass/No Pass basis during Spring Quarter 2020.

Winter 2020 Pass/No Pass Grade Requests

Undergraduate students may opt to change any* Winter 2020 grade to Pass or No Pass starting in the second week of Spring Quarter through May 29, 2020. Please keep in mind that submitting the Winter 2020 Pass/No Pass form finalizes your decision to convert the letter grade to Pass/No Pass and these requests cannot be cancelled or withdrawn. The form for requesting Winter 2020 Pass/No Pass can be found through the Office of the Registrar. Be sure to read all information the Registrar has provided on that page before submitting the form.

* A note for BS/MS students: Since graduate and undergraduate programs are governed by different policies, BS/MS students may not request a change of grading basis for any Winter Quarter 2020 graduate course that is intended to be applied towards MS degree requirements. However, Spring Quarter 2020 graduate courses taken Pass/No Pass will be allowable towards MS requirements.

Normal Pass/No Pass Option Policies 

Our normal Pass/No Credit option polices for undergraduate programs are defined in the university catalog.

Winter & Spring Quarter 2020 Changes to Pass/No Pass Policies 

In light of recent University decisions, these policies are modified as follows:

  1. Pass grades posted during Winter Quarter 2020 and Spring Quarter 2020 will not be counted against the overall limit of 8 Pass/No Pass units in McCormick degree requirements.

  2. The limit of 1 unit of Pass/No Pass credit per quarter during the first and second year is suspended for Winter Quarter 2020 and Spring Quarter 2020.

  3. The prohibition against using Pass/No Pass credit towards mathematics, engineering analysis and computer proficiency, basic science, design and communications, and basic engineering categories is suspended for courses taken Winter Quarter 2020 and Spring Quarter 2020.

  4. Courses taken Pass/No Pass during Winter Quarter 2020 and Spring Quarter 2020 may be used within the 16-unit major program, and will not count against program-specific limitations on the number of allowable Pass/No Pass courses.

  5. In a similar way, restrictions against use of Pass/No Pass grading within McCormick minor and certificate programs are suspended for courses taken Winter Quarter 2020 and Spring Quarter 2020.

These provisions apply only to McCormick programs. Programs being pursued by McCormick students in other Northwestern schools—dual degrees, second majors, minors, certificates—are subject to the policies of those schools.

All of these changes are designed to provide the necessary flexibility to facilitate your continued progress towards your McCormick degree in these challenging times.