Student Resources
Space and Room Reservations

Room reservation Procedures

For Collaboration Spaces (Mudd 3532 and Mudd 3534)

Please book your room on the library website.
Note: During the academic year (Fall - Spring), these rooms are extensively used by peer mentors and teaching assistants who hold office hours.

For Garage Spaces (Mudd 3014 and Mudd 3124)

Please send your request to

Provide the following information:

  • Participants 
  • Date(s)
  • Time/Duration 
  • Name of Event

Large Conference Rooms and Seminar Room (Mudd 3001, Mudd 3501, and Mudd 3514)

These spaces can be reserved via the Outlook calendar, however, all events must be approved by a CS staff member. 

Recurring Bookings

To make a recurring room reservation, please email Tatiana Meza with your request. Please note that space is at a premium, and preference is given to CS faculty, students and staff events. Though we do our best to ensure there is no disruption to outside party events, there may be times when the department will need to cancel your reservation to accommodate CS related events. These instances are rare, but can occur.