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Tech Reports Published in 2010-2016

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Reports published in 2016

NU-EECS-16-02  Kyle C. Hale, Peter Dinda, Pushing Software Events to the Hardware Limit. PDF

NU-EECS-16-03  Kyle C. Hale, Conor Hetland, Peter Dinda, Automatic Hybridization of Runtime SystemsPDF

NU-EECS-16-04  Peter Dinda, Akhil Guliani, Dark Shadows: User-level Guest/Host Linux Process ShadowingPDF

NU-EECS-16-05  Besim Avci, Goce Trajcevski, Peter Scheuermann, Efficient Tracking of Uncertain Evolving Shapes with Probabilistic Spatio-Temporal Bounds in Sensor Networks. PDF

NU-EECS-16-06  Sajid Ullah, On the Use of Kalman, and Particle Filtering for Positioning Navigation and Tracking in Autonomous Driving Vehicle. PDF

NU-EECS-16-07  Boyuan He, Vaibhav Rastogi, Yinzhi Cao, Yan Chen, V.N. Venkatakrishnan, Chunlin Xiong, Runqing Yang, & Zhenrui Zhang, SSLINT: A Tool for Detecting TLS Certificate Validation Vulnerabilities. PDF

NU-EECS-16-08  Muhammed Mas-ud Hussain, Alex Wang, Goce Trajcevski, Co-MaxRS: Continuous Maximizing Range-Sum Query. PDF

NU-EECS-16-09  Marcel Flores, Alexander Wenzel, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Enabling Router-Assisted Congestion Control. PDF

NU-EECS-16-10  Marcel Flores, Alexander Wenzel, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Oak: User-Targeted Web Performance. PDF

NU-EECS-16-11  Marcel Flores, Alexander Wenzel, Kevin Chen, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Fury Route: Leveraging CDNs to Remotely Measure Network Distance. PDF

NU-EECS-16-12  Kyle C. Hale, Hybrid Runtime Systems. PDF

NU-EECS-16-14  Muhammed Maruf Öztürk, Ahmet Zengin, New Findings on the Use of Static Code Attributes for
Defect Prediction.

Reports published in 2015

NU-EECS-15-01 Kyle C. Hale, Peter A. Dinda, Details of the Case for Transforming Parallel Runtime Systems Into Operating System KernelsPDF

NU-EECS-15-02 Maciej Swiech, Huaqian Cai, Peter Dinda, Gang Huang, Prospects for Shaping User-centric Mobile ApplicationWorkloads to Beneit the CloudPDF

NU-EECS-15-03 Ao-Jan Su, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Measuring Web Servers’ Popularity from an EndpointPDF

NU-EECS-15-04 Yong Wang, Hao Wu, Weihua Zhang, Yanwei Li, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Towards Application-Level Multi-HomingPDF

Reports published in 2014

NU-EECS-14-05  Burke Fetscher, The Random Generation of Well-Typed Terms. PDF

NU-EECS-14-04  Pei-Yi Kuo, Michael Horn, Carbon Weight and Body Weight: US and UK Surveys on Diet, Exercise, and Energy UsePDF

NU-EECS-14-03  Yigit Demir, Nikos Hardavellas, LaC: Integrating Laser Control in a Photonic InterconnectPDF

NU-EECS-14-02  Yigit Demir, Nikos Hardavellas, EcoLaser: An Adaptive Laser Control for Energy Efficient On-Chip Photonic InterconnectsPDF

NU-EECS-14-01  Xitao Wen, Chunxiao Diao, Xun Zhao, Yan Chen, Li Erran L, Bo Yang, Kai Bu, Compiling Minimum Incremental Update for Modular SDN LanguagesPDF

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Reports published in 2013

NWU-EECS-06-13, Xie, Yusheng; Palsetia, Diana; Zhang, Kunpeng; Agrawal, Ankit; Trajcevski, Goce; Choudhary, Alok, Silverback: Scalable Association Mining For Massive Temporal Data in Columnar Probabilistic Databases.  PDF

NU-EECS-13-08  Yigit Demir, Yan Pan, Sukwoo Song, Nikos Hardavellas, John Kim, and Gokhan MemikGalaxy: A High-Performance Energy-Efficient Multi-Chip Architecture Using Photonic Interconnects. PDF

NU-EECS-13-07  Chang Seok Bae:  Dynamic Adaptive Resource Management in a Virtualized NUMA Multicore System for Optimizing Power, Energy, and PerformancePDF

NU-EECS-13-06  Yusheng Xie, Diana Palsetia, Kunpeng Zhang, Ankit Agrawal, Goce Trajcevski, Alok ChoudharySilverback: Scalable Association Mining For Massive Temporal Data in Columnar Probabilistic DatabasesPDF

NU-EECS-13-05  Lei Xia;  ConCORD: Tracking and Exploiting Cross-Node Memory Content Redundancy in Large-Scale Parallel SystemsPDF

NU-EECS-13-04  Kyle C. Hale, Peter DindaGuarded Execution of Privileged Code in the Guest. PDF

NU-EECS-13-03  Maciej Swiech, Kyle C. Hale, Peter DindaVMM-based Emulation of Intel Hardware Transactional Memory. PDF

NU-EECS-13-02  Maciej Swiech, Peter Dinda, Making JavaScript Better By Making It Even Slower. PDF

NU-EECS-13-01  Vaibhav Rastogi, Yan Chen, and Xuxian JiangEvaluating Android Anti-malware against Transformation Attacks. PDF

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Reports published in 2012

NU_EECS_12_05  Chen, Yunkai; Zhou, Hai; Resource-Constrained High-Level Datapath Optimization in ASIP Design PDF

NU-EECS-12-04  McClurg, Jedidiah; Parser Generator Generator (PGG): A Tool for RapidParser Construction via EBNF Grammars. Pending submission

NU-EECS-12-03  Dinda, Peter; Espinosa, Jaime; Dick, Robert; PowerMod: An Open Source, Configurable Power Harvesting and Regulation Tool for Non-experts.  PDF / TGZ (download accompanying design documents)

NU-EECS-12-02  Blair, Christopher; Qualitative Exploration in Freeciv. PDF

NWU-EECS-12-01  Chen, Kai;  Singla, Ankit;  Singh, Atul; Ramachandran, Kishore; Xu, Lei; Zhang, Yueping; Wen, Xitao; Chen, Yan; OSA: An Optical Switching Architecture for DataCenter Networks for Unprecedented Flexibility.  PDF

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Reports published in 2011:

NWU-EECS-11-10  Lange, Jack; Dinda, Peter; Hale, Kyle; Xia, Lei; An Introduction to the Palacios Virtual Machine Monitor---Version 1.3. PDF

NWU-EECS-11-09, Tarzia, Stephen P;  Acoustic Sensing of Location and User Presence on Mobile Computers PDF

NWU-EECS-11-08, Chen, Kai; Hu, Chengchen; Wen, Xitao; Chen, Yan; Liu, Bin; Toward Internet Emergency Response via Reconfiguration in Internet eXchange Points. PDF

NWU-EECS-11-07, Xia, Lei; Cui, Zheng; Lange, John; Tang, Yuan; Dinda, Peter; Bridges, Patrick; VNET/P: Bridging the Cloud and High Performance Computing: Through Fast Overlay Networking. PDF

NWU-EECS-11-06,Trajcevski, Goce; Tamassia, Roberto; Cruz, Isabel F.; Scheuermann, Peter; Hartglass, David; Zaimerowski, Christopher;  Ranking continuous nearest neighbors for uncertain trajectories: Full and Peer Reviewed Accepted Version. PDF

NWU-EECS-11-05, Ghica, Oliviu C.; Nita-Rotaru, Cristina; Trajcevski, Goce; Scheuermann, Peter; Security of Electrostatic Field Persistent Routing: Taxonomy of Attacks and Defense Mechanisms. PDF

NWU-EECS-11-04 Ghica, Oliviu C.; Trajcevski, Goce; Zuniga, Marco; Schubotz, Rene; Scheuermann, Peter; Hauswirth, Manfred; Multi-Pole Field Persistent Routing with Bounded Delay in Wireless Sensor Networks. PDF

NWU-EECS-11-02 Roy, Sourya; Clemons, Tyler; Faisa, S.M.; Liu, Ke; Hardavellas, Nikos; Parthasarathy, Srinivasan; Elastic Fidelity: Trading-off Computational Accuracy for Energy ReductionPDF

NWU-EECS-11-01 Little, David; Pardo, Bryan; Wright, Beverly; A Computational Model of Auditory Perceptual Learning: Predicting Learning Interference Across Multiple TasksPDF

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Reports published in 2010

NWU-EECS-10-11, Das, Abhishek; Schuchhardt, Matt; Hardavellas, Nikos; Memik, Gokhan; Choudhary, Alok; PAD: Power-Aware Directory Placement in Distributed Caches. PDF

NWU-EECS-10-10, Hill, Alex S., for Justine Cassell, Articulab Laboratory, School of Communication and Mccormick School of Engineering Northwestern University, Standardized Prototyping and Development of Virtual AgentsPDF

NWU-EECS-10-09, Shye, Alex; The End User in Computer Architecture and Systems Research. PDF

NWU-EECS-10-07, Bae, Bhang; Lange, John; Dinda, Peter, Comparing Approaches to Virtualized Page Translation in Modern VMMsPDF

NWU-EECS-10-06, Shye, Alex; Scholbrock, Benjamin; Memik, Gokhan; Dinda, Peter A., Characterizing and Modeling User Activity on SmartphonesPDF

NWU-EECS-10-05, Hardavellas, Nikos; Ferdman, Michael; Ailamaki, Anastasia; Falsafi, Babak, Power Scaling: the Ultimate Obstacle to 1K-Core Chips. (no file)

NWU-EECS-10-04, Miller, J. Scott ; Mondal, Amit ; Potharaju, Rahul ; Dinda, Peter A. ; Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar, Network Monitoring is People: Understanding End-user Perception of Network Problems. (no file)

NWU-EECS-10-03, Choffnes, David; Duch, Jordi; Malmgren, Dean; Guierma, Roger; Bustamante, Fabián; Amaral, Luis, Strange Bedfellows: Communities in BitTorrent. (no file)

NWU-EECS-10-01, Zwiebel, Tim, GAIL: A Design and Implementation of a Constrained Guarded Action Intermediate Language Suitable for Rewrite-Based Optimization. PDF