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Tech Reports Published in 2005 - 2009

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Reports published in 2009

NWU-EECS-09-22, Choffnes, David R.; Bustamante, Fabián E., Pitfalls for Testbed Evaluations of Internet Systems. PDF

NWU-EECS-09-21, Dehghani, Morteza, A Cognitive Model of Recognition-Based Moral Decision Making. PDF

NWU-EECS-09-20, Swaine, James, Parallel Scheme with Futures: Incremental Parallelization in a Language Virtual Machine. (no file)

NWU-EECS-09-19, Choffnes, David; Bustamante, Fabián; Ge, Zihui, Using the Crowd to Monitor the Cloud: Network Event Detection from Edge Systems. (no file)

NWU-EECS-09-18, Trajcevski, Goce; Ghica, Oliviu; Shubotz, Rene; Zuniga, Marco; Scheuermann, Peter; Hauswirth, Manfred, Discrepancy And Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks. PDF

NWU-EECS-09-17, Tomai, Emmett, A Pragmatic Approach to Computational Narrative Understanding. (no file)

NWU-EECS-09-16, Chen, Kai; Choffnes, David R.; Potharaju, Rahul; Chen, Yan; Bustamante, Fabián E.; Pei, Dan; Zhao, Yao, Where the Sidewalk Ends: Extending the Internet AS Graph Using Traceroutes From P2P Users. PDF

NWU-EECS-09-15, Choffnes, David R.; Bustamante, Fabián E., Network Positioning From the Edge: An empirical study of the effectiveness of network positioning in P2P systems. (no file)

NWU-EECS-09-14, Lange, John R.; Pedretti, Kevin; Hudson, Trammell; Dinda, Peter A.; Cui, Zheng; Xia, Lei; Bridges, Patrick; Jaconette, Steven;, Palacios and Kitten: High Performance Operating Systems For Scalable Virtualized and Native Supercomputing. PDF

NWU-EECS-09-13, Karr, Chris; Gergle, Darren, Pennyworth: A platform for building context-aware applications for everyday use. (no file)

NWU-EECS-09-12, Deng, Leiwen; Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar, A Feeder-Carrier-Based Internet User Accountability Service. PDF

NWU-EECS-09-11, Deng, Leiwen; Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar, Towards Tussle-based Rules in CyberspacePDF

NWU-EECS-09-10, Otto, John S.; Rula, John P.; Bustamante, Fabián E., C3R -- Participatory Urban Pollution Monitoring from your CarPDF

NWU-EECS-09-09, Klenk, Matthew E, Using Analogy to Overcome Brittleness in AI SystemsPDF

NWU-EECS-09-08, Rafii, Zafar; Pardo, Bryan, A Digital Reverberator controlled through Measures of the Reverberation.  PDF

NWU-EECS-09-07, Tarzia, Stephen P.; Zhou, Hai; Dick, Robert P., Fast voltage assignment by convex-cost flowPDF

NWU-EECS-09-06, Tarzia, Stephen P.; Dick, Robert P.; Dinda, Peter A.; Memik, Gokhan, Prospects for Sonar-based Measurement of User Attentiveness.  PDF

NWU-EECS-09-05, Miller, J. Scott; Lange, John R.; Dinda, Peter A., EmNet: Satisfying the Individual User Through Empathic Home NetworksPDF

NWU-EECS-09-04, Choffnes, David R.; Duch, Jordi; Malmgren, Dean; Guierma, Roger; Bustamante, Fabián E.; Amaral, Luis, SwarmScreen: Privacy Through Plausible Deniability in P2P Systems. PDF

NWU-EECS-09-03, Choffnes, David R.; Bustamante, Fabián E., What's Wrong with Network Positioning and Where Do We Go From Here?PDF

NWU-EECS-09-02, Yazji, Sausan; Chen, Xi; Dick, Robert P.; Scheuermann, Peter, Securing Mobile Devices via Implicit Authentication. (no file)

NWU-EECS-09-01, Miller, J. Scott; Dinda, Peter A.; Dick, Robert P., GOTO Considered Helpful: A BASIC Approach To Sensor Network Node Programming. (no file)

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Reports published in 2008

NWU-EECS-08-15, Deng, Leiwen; Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar, Internet Politics: Resist, Die, or Exploit?  PDF

NWU-EECS-08-14, Deng, Leiwen; Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar, Sustainable Development of the Internet.  PDF 

NWU-EECS-08-13, Zhao, Yao; Vemuri, Sagar; Chen, Jiazhen; Chen, Yan; Zhou, Hai; Fu, Zhi (Judy), Exception Trigged DoS Attacks on Wireless Networks.  PDF

NWU-EECS-08-12, Trajcevski, Goce; Tamassia, Roberto; Ding, Hui; Scheuermann, Peter; Cruz, Isabel., Moving Convolutions and Continuous Probabilistic Nearest-Neighbor Queries for Uncertain TrajectoriesPDF

NWU-EECS-08-11, Lange, John R.; Dinda, Peter A., An Introduction to the Palacios Virtual Machine Monitor--Version 1.0PDF

NWU-EECS-08-10, Mallik, Arindam, Holistic Computer Architectures based on Application, User, and Process Characteristics (no file)

NWU-EECS-08-09, Skalak, Michael S.; Pardo, Bryan, Speeding Music Search with a Perceptually Relevant Melodic String Metric. (no file)

NWU-EECS-08-08, Li, Zhichun; Goyal, Anup; Chen, Yan; Paxson, Vern, Towards Situational Awareness of Large-Scale Botnet Events using Honeynets. (no file)

NWU-EECS-08-07, Li, Zhichun; Xia, Gao; Tang, Yi; Chen, Yan: Liu, Bin, NetShield: Matching with a Large Vulnerability Signature Ruleset for High Performance Network Defense. (no file)

NWU-EECS-08-06, Zhao, Yao; Zhu, Zhaosheng; Chen, Yan; Pei, Dan; Wang, Jia, Towards Efficient Large-Scale Network Monitoring and Diagnosis under Operational ConstraintsPDF

NWU-EECS-08-05, Ghica, Oliviu; Trajcevski, Goce; Scheuermann, Peter; Bischoff, Zachary; Valtchanov, Nikolay, SIDnet-SWANS: A Simulator and Integrated Development Platform for Sensor Networks Applications.  (no file)

NWU-EECS-08-04, Gupta, Ashish, Black Box Methods for Inferring Parallel Applications' Properties in Virtual EnvironmentsPDF

NWU-EECS-08-02, Yang, Lei; Chen, Xi; Dick, Robert P.; Shang, Li; Lekatsas, Haris, Chip Multiprocessor Cooperative Cache Compression and Migration.  (no file)

NWU-EECS-08-03, Choffnes, David R.; Bustamante, Fabián E., Taming the Torrent - A practical approach to reducing cross-ISP traffic in P2P systems. (no file)

NWU-EECS-08-01, Ding, Hui; Trajcevski, Goce; Scheuermann, Peter, Efficient Similarity Join of Large Sets of Spatio-Temporal TrajectoriesPDF

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Reports published in 2007

NWU-EECS-07-12, Deng, Leiwen; Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar; Davie, Bruce, What Lies Beneath: Understanding Internet CongestionPDF

NWU-EECS-07-11, Paritosh, Praveen K., Back of the Envelope Reasoning for Robust Quantitative Problem Solving.  PDF

NWU-EECS-07-09, Liveris, Nikolaos; Zhou, Hai; Banerjee, Prithviraj, A Dynamic-Programming Algorithm for Reducing the Energy Consumption of Pipelined System-Level Streaming Applications.  PDF

NWU-EECS-07-08, Choffnes, David R.; Bustamante, Fabián E., SideStep - An Open, Scalable Detouring ServicePDF

NWU-EECS-07-07, Choffnes, David R.; Lange, John R.; Rossoff, Sam; Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar, Relative Network Positioning via CDN Redirections. (no file)

NWU-EECS-07-06, Li, Zhichun; Goyal, Anup; Chen, Yan; Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar, P2P Doctor: Measurement and Diagnosis of Misconfigured Peer-to-Peer Traffic. (no file)

NWU-EECS-07-05, Sood, Sanjay; Owsley, Sara; Hammond, Kristian J.; Birnbaum, Larry, Reasoning Through Search: A Novel Approach to Sentiment Classification.  PDF

NWU-EECS-07-04, Lin, Bin, Human-driven OptimizationPDF

NWU-EECS-07-03, Little, David; Raffensperger, David; Pardo, Bryan, Online Training of a Music Search Engine. PDF

NWU-EECS-07-02, Li, Zhichun; Wang, Lanjia; Chen, Yan; Fu, Zhi (Judy), Network-based and Attack-resilient Length Signature Generation for Zero-day Polymorphic WormsPDF

NWU-EECS-07-01, Prosnitz, Benjamin, Blackbox No More: Reconstruction of Internal Virtual Machine StatePDF

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Reports published in 2006

NWU-EECS-06-20, Liveris, Nikolaos; Zhou, Hai; Dick, Robert P.; Chen, Yan; Banerjee, Prithviraj, Abstraction Techniques for Model-Checking Parameterized Systems,  PDF

NWU-EECS-06-18, Sundararaj, Ananth I., Automatic, Run-time and Dynamic Adaptation of Distributed Applications Executing in Virtual EnvironmentsPDF

NWU-EECS-06-17, Liveris, Nikolaos; Lin, Chuan; Wang, Jia; Zhou, Hai; Banerjee, Prithviraj, Retiming for Synchronous Data Flow GraphsPDF

NWU-EECS-06-16, Ozdemir, Serkan; Ku, Ja C.; Mallik, Arindam; Memik, Gokhan; Ismail, Yehea, Variable Latency Caches for Nanoscale Processor.  PDF

NWU-EECS-06-15, Choffnes, David R.; Lange, John R.; Rossoff, Sam; Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar, On the Use of Parallel Connections in Web Browsers.  PDF

NWU-EECS-06-11, Mallik, Arindam; Lin, Bin; Dinda, Peter A.; Memik, Gokhan; Dick, Robert P., Process and User Driven Dynamic Voltage and Frequency ScalingPDF

NWU-EECS-06-10, Lin, Bin; Sundararaj, Ananth I.; Dinda, Peter A., Time-sharing Parallel Applications With Performance Isolation and ControlPDF

NWU-EECS-06-09, Jevtic, Sasha; Kotowksy, Mat; Dick, Robert P.; Dinda, Peter A.; Dowding, Charles, Lucid Dreaming: Reliable Analog Event Detection for Energy-Constrained Applications.  PDF

NWU-EECS-06-08, Rossoff, Sam; Dinda, Peter A., Prospects For Speculative Remote DisplayPDF

NWU-EECS-06-07, Lin, Bin; Dinda, Peter A., Putting the User in Direct Control of CPU SchedulingPDF

NWU-EECS-06-06, Sundararaj, Ananth I.; Sanghi, Manan; Lange, John R.; Dinda, Peter A., Hardness of Approximation and Greedy Algorithms for the Adaptation Problem in Virtual Environments,  PDF

NWU-EECS-06-03, Sood, Sanjay; Budzik, Jay; Hammond, Kristian J., Creating Polite Agents: 5 Heuristics for User Experience DesignPDF

NWU-EECS-06-01, Woodruff, John; Pardo, Bryan, Active Source Estimation for Improved Source Separation.  PDF

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Reports published in 2005

NWU-CS-05-13, Dinda, Peter A.; Gupta, Ashish; Lowekamp, Bruce; Sundararaj, Ananth I.; Zangrilli, Marcia, Free Network Measurement For Adaptive Virtualized Distributed Computing.  PDF

NWU-CS-05-12, Ren, Pin; Watson, Benjamin, Histographs: Interactive Visualization of Complex Data with Graphs. (no file)

NWU-CS-05-10, Zubek, Robert, Hierarchical Parallel Markov Models for Inetractive Social Agents. PDF

NWU-CS-05-09, Lu, Dong, Components of a Scalable Distributed Relational Information Service. (no file)

NWU-CS-05-08, Cousens, Jeff; Dennis, Brian, RAIn: A System for Indexing and Archiving RSS Feeds. (no file)

NWU-CS-05-07, Dayal, Abhinav; Woolley, Cliff; Watson, Benjamin; Luebke, David, Adaptive Frameless Rendering. PDF

NWU-CS-05-06, Lin, Bin; Dinda, Peter A., VSched: Mixing Batch and Interactive Virtual Machines Using Periodic Real-time Scheduling. PDF

NWU-CS-05-03, Choffnes, David R.; Bustamante, Fabián E., Modeling Vehicular Traffic and Mobility for Vehicular Wireless Networks. PDF