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Reports published in 2004

NWU-CS-04-48, Birrer, Stefan; Bustamante, Fabián E.; Chen, Yan, Can we trust ICMP-based measurements?  PDF

NWU-CS-04-47, Dayal, Abhinav; Woolley, Cliff; Luebke, David; Watson, Benjamin, Temporally Adaptive Frameless Rendering. PDF

NWU-CS-04-42, Gooch, Amy; Gooch, Bruce, Enhancing Perceived Depth in Images Via Artistic Matting. PDF

NWU-CS-04-41, Setlur, Vidya; Takagi, Saeko; Gleicher, Michael; Raskar, Ramesh; Gooch, Bruce, Automatic Image Retargeting. PDF

NWU-CS-04-40, Chen, Yan; Beach, Aaron; Skicewicz, Jason A., Cyber Disease Monitoring with Distributed Hash Tables: A Global Peer-to-Peer Intrusion Detection System, PDF

NWU-CS-04-39, Shoykhet, Alex; Lange, Jack; Dinda, Peter A., Virtuoso: A System For Virtual Machine MarketplacesPDF

NWU-CS-04-38, Lechner, Thomas; Watson, Benjamin; Ren, Pin; Wilensky, Uri; Tisue, Seth; Felsen, Martin, Procedural Modeling of Land Use in CitiesPDF

NWU-CS-04-37, Qiao, Yi; Lu, Dong; Bustamante, Fabián E.; Dinda, Peter A., Looking at the Server Side of Peer-to-Peer Systems. PDF

NWU-CS-04-36, Birrer, Stefan; Bustamante, Fabián E., Nemo – Resilient Peer-to-Peer Multicast without the Cost. PDF

NWU-CS-04-34, Lu, Dong; Qiao, Yi; Dinda, Peter A.; Bustamante, Fabián E., Characterizing and Predicting TCP Throughput on the Wide Area Network. PDF

NWU-CS-04-33, Lu, Dong ; Sheng, Huanyuan; Dinda, Peter A., Effects and Implications of File Size/Service Time Correlation on Web Server Scheduling Policies. PDF

NWU-CS-04-32, Kuehne, Sven E., Understanding Natural Language Descriptions of Physical Phenomena. PDF

NWU-CS-04-30, Cornell, Brian; Dinda, Peter A.; Bustamante, Fabián E., Wayback: A User-Level Versioning File System for Linux. PDF

NWU-CS-04-29, Houk, Philip A., A Strategic Game Playing Agent for FreeCiv. (PDF)

NWU-CS-04-28, Gupta, Ashish; Lin, Bin; Dinda, Peter A., A Framework And Toolkit For Understanding User Comfort With Resource Borrowing. (no file)

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Reports published in 2003

NWU-CS-03-27, Sundararaj, Ananth I.; Dinda, Peter A., Towards Virtual Networks for Virtual Machine Grid Computing. PDF

NWU-CS-03-22, Birrer, Stefan; Bustamante, Fabián E., Resilient Peer-to-Peer Multicast from the Ground Up. (no file)

NWU-CS-03-20, Khoo, Aaron Boo Boon, Implementing Efficient Joint Beliefs on Multi-Robot Teams. (no file)

NWU-CS-03-19, Flachsbart, Joshua D., Vision in Context: Using Special Purpose Routines to AchievePDF

NWU-CS-03-18, Seif El-Nasr, Magy, Automatic Expressive Lighting for Interactive Scenes. PDF

NWU-CS-03-16, Skicewicz, Jason A.; Dinda, Peter A., Tsunami: A Wavelet Toolkit for Distributed Systems. PDF

NWU-CS-03-15, Dinda, Peter A.; Lu, Dong, Nondeterministic Queries in a Relational Grid Information Service. PDF

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Reports published in 2002

NWU-CS-02-14, Sharlin, Ehud; Watson, Benjamin; Sutphen, Steve; Liu, Lili; Lederer, Robert; Frazer, John, A tangible user interface for assessing cognitive mapping ability. PDF

NWU-CS-02-13, Qiao, Yi; Skicewicz, Jason A.; Dinda, Peter A., Multiscale predictability of network traffic. PDF

NWU-CS-02-12, Cornell, Brian; Lange, Jack; Dinda, Peter A., An implementation of diffusion in the Linux kernel. PDF

NWU-CS-02-11, Qiao, Yi; Dinda, Peter A., Network traffic analysis, classification, and prediction. PDF

NWU-CS-02-10, Kuehne, Sven E.; Forbus, Kenneth D., RoboTA: An agent colony architecture for supporting education. PDF

NWU-CS-02-9, Choudhury, Prasun; Watson, Benjamin, Completely adaptive simplification of massive meshes. PDF

NWU-CS-02-8, Dinda, Peter A., The Minet TCP/IP Stack. PDF

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Reports published in 2001

NWU-CS-01-6, Knop, Michael W.; Paritosh, Praveen K.; Dinda, Peter A.; Schopf, Jennifer M., Windows performance modeling and data reduction using WatchTower and Argus. PDF

NWU-CS-01-7, Bradshaw, Shannon, Document indexing vocabularies: Reference vs. content. PDF

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Reports published in 2000

NWU-CS-00-5, Schopf, Jennifer M.; Nitzberg, Bill, Grids: The top ten questions. PDF

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Reports published in 1999

NWU-CS-99-3, Schopf, Jennifer M.; Berman, Francine, Stochastic scheduling. PDF

NWU-CS-99-2, Schopf, Jennifer M., A practical methodology for defining histograms for predictions and scheduling.  PDF

NWU-CS-99-1: Schopf, Jennifer M.; Berman, Francine, Using stochastic intervals to predict application behavior on contended resources.  PDF

tech_rep_74,Schank, Roger C; Measurement, Course Design, And The Rise Of The Virtual University. (no file)