COMP_SCI 295: Introduction to Law and Digital Technologies

Quarter Offered

Spring : 5:30 - 8:20 W ; Linna & Villasenor


None, other than an interest and willingness to learn!


Course summary: This course explores the legal implications of the contemporary technology landscape, including the growth of artificial intelligence, the ecosystem for creating and disseminating digital information, and the challenges of ensuring digital privacy and algorithm equity. The course aims to help students develop a broad, contextualized view of the legal and policy opportunities and challenges associated with rapid technological change. A key goal of the course is for students to acquire the skills to understand, contribute to, and shape the dialog on complex issues at the intersection of technology and law.

Assignments and grading: Students are expected to 1) prepare for, attend, and participate in class, 2) participate in one short team-based debate, 3) participate in one short team-based presentation, 4) write one technology paper approximately 1200 words in length, and 5) complete additional assignments such as readings.

COURSE INSTRUCTORS: Prof. Linna Jr. & Prof. Villasenor