Environmental Engineering Students in India

First Three GEHE Students from Environmental EngineeringThe first three Global & Ecological Health Engineering (GEHE) students from Environmental Engineering, Roshni Brahmbhatt, Susan Vescovi and Tracy Yang, traveled to Jodhpur, India this past July to tackle water scarcity issues in the world’s most densely populated desert.  The students spent a month at the facilities of the Jal Bhagirathi Foundation (JBF) to learn about the organization’s efforts to promote water management among more than 81 project villages. These communities are scattered throughout the great Thar Desert, where the indigenous Marwarian people live remotely with limited access to goods, services, and life-sustaining water. Women, particularly young girls, are largely burdened with the task of retrieving the family’s daily water, walking to fetch it from up to 5 km away, 5-10 L at a time (according to locals, an average family requires 50-70 L daily). This chore consumes their entire day, leaving women uneducated and with few opportunities to improve their lives.

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