CIV_ENV 456: Computational Geotechnics

Quarter Offered

Spring : MW 10:00-11:50 ; Hambleton


Overall learning objectives of this graduate course:

  1. Tto understand the fundamentals of the finite element method for geotechnical analysis and
  2. To be competent in the use of a finite element code as applied to geotechnical problems. It is intended to provide an essential skillset to those entering the practice of geotechnical engineering, and to build a foundation for future study and inquiry to those who are engaged primarily in research.

Specific learning objectives:

  1. Understand the theory, assumptions, and approximations of finite element method as it is used in geotechnical engineering and geomechanics
  2. Understand critical aspects of commonly encountered problems in geotechnical engineering
  3. Apply a commercial finite element code for geotechnical analysis
  4. Critically analyze numerical results, being mindful of the possibilities and limitations of the finite element method for solving problems in geotechnical engineering and geomechanics


None required