CIV_ENV 458-0: Soil Dynamics

Quarter Offered

Winter : TTh 9-10:50 ; Buscarnera


This course focuses on the fundamentals of soil dynamics and on its use for geotechnical design and risk assessment in areas of high seismicity. Emphasis will be given to the processes that control wave propagation in natural deposits, as well as to the implications of ground shaking for the natural and built environment. Specific topics include: analysis of strong ground motion, characterization of dynamic soil properties, site response analysis, liquefaction assessment, landslide hazard analysis and dynamic soil-structure interaction. Methods of data interpretation and modelling will be thought using computer methods. Engineering theories to link the variability of dynamic soil response to the performance of geotechnical systems will also be discussed. The knowledge gained from this course is valuable for both research and professional practice in geotechnical engineering, natural hazard assessment and infrastructure management.


Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, S.L., Kramer. ISBN: 0-13-374943-6