CIV_ENV 355: Hydrogeology and Subsurface Contamination

Quarter Offered

Fall : MW 10:00-11:50 ; Joe Rossabi


Applied aspects of subsurface properties and their impact on flow, and transport including: Darcy's law, parameter determination, aquifer test analysis, geotechnical parameters, contaminant transport, analytical and numerical modeling, and the current state of practice in remedial engineering strategies and techniques.


Basic Hydrology and Geology, Darcy’s Law, Flow Equations, Saturated Zone Properties, Flow Nets, Subsurface Access, Aquifer Testing, Vadose Zone Properties, Infiltration, Slopes and Stability, Dams, Tunnels, Subsidence, Basic Chemistry, Contaminant transport, Subsurface Characterization and Conceptual Models, Remedial Treatment Theory and Practice, Analytical and Numerical Modeling.

Project - Progressive Term Paper

Choose contaminant, research physical and chemical properties, develop subsurface conceptual model of its distribution, how it can be found and remediated. Emphasis on what it is and why we care about it.


Two interactive Lectures per week

Evaluation Method

  • 20% HW
  • 25% Project
  • 25% Midterm
  • 25% Final
  • 5% Class Participation


  1. Applied Hydrology, C.W. Fetter, ISBN 0-13-088239-9/2001/4th/Prentice Hall
  2. Open Access - Groundwater, Freeze and Cherry, 1979
  3. Other Supplemental Materials provided.
Course Outline, Outcomes, and Goals