CIV_ENV 385-1: Architectural Engineering & Design 1: Fundamentals

Quarter Offered

Fall : TTH 4:00-5:50 ; Cyphers / Booth


Junior or senior standing or permission of instructor


This course integrates architecture history, principles and practice; contextual research and design experiences; and structural analysis and design. You’ll learn what’s happening now and what’s coming next, including:

  • New building materials, such as composites, super-high-strength concrete, and adaptive, self-monitoring and self-healing systems.
  • Total integration of information technology in building lifecycles, using building information models to support design, construction, operation, and rehabilitation.
  • Evolving requirements for safety and security, including damage-resistant and resilient materials and designs.
  • Lifecycle designs that support adaptive reuse of structures as needs change.
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability, including use of recycled materials and zero-energy building concepts.


Max enroll 15 with permission number. Held in TECH L441

Class Time:

4 hr/wk


Friedman, Thomas. Thank You For Being Late. 1st ed. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2016.

ISBN 978-0374273538

Course Outline, Outcomes and Goals