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Christina Enroth-Cugell and David Cugell Postdoctoral Fellowship in Visual Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering

The fellowship will provide support for two years, subject to satisfactory research progress, and is intended for applicants with no more than one year of postdoctoral experience.  One fellowship will be awarded every year and permit applicants to work with Northwestern University researchers in the field of vision.  Applicants are encouraged to work in the area of overlap between visual neuroscience and biomedical engineering.  Applications from all countries are welcome.

Researchers in vision at Northwestern University:

Mark Johnson (Glaucoma)
John Troy (Visual Prostheses, Neuroprotection in Glaucoma)
Hao Zhang (Optical Imaging)
Steven DeVries (Retinal Circuitry)
Tiffany Schmidt (Biological Rhythms, Retinal Circuitry)
Gregory Schwartz (Retinal Circuitry)
Yongling Zhu (Retinal Circuitry) 


Applicants should identify one or more potential faculty mentors in their application, and submit a letter of interest and a curriculum vitae to:

Professor John Troy