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MS Certificate in Translational Biomedical Engineering

The Certificate in Translational Biomedical Engineering provides an opportunity to develop and practice skills including project management, clinical trial design, and medical device regulation.  In addition to coursework, the certificate includes a paid six-month internship at a Chicago-area company in the biomedical device or pharmaceutical fields.  We strive to provide internship opportunities that expose students to the many different areas where biomedical engineers can work after graduation.  Internship opportunities include start-up firms, service companies, and established companies. 

This certificate is completed in addition to core curriculum for the MS in Biomedical Engineering.  The program is open to all MS students, but those pursuing an MS thesis must seek permission from their advisor before applying to enroll in the certificate program.

The additional classes for the certificate are selected from four categories; students must take one class from three of the four categories described below.  Many of these are offered either on-line or in the evening, allowing them to be completed concurrently with the internship. 

Interested students can apply below


Course Number Course Title
HC_COM410 Healthcare regulatory environment
QARS450-0 Medical Device Regulations
CHEM_ENG395 Regulatory Sciences in Biotechnology
QARS460-0 Drug and Biologics Regulations

Biostatistics and clinical trials

Course Number Course Title
MRS409 or MHI 409DL Intro to biostatistics
MSCI321 Biostatistics for Clinical Investigators
CLIN_RES400-0 Essentials of conducting clinical research
CLIN_RES_403 Clinical Research Design
MSCI311 Clinical Research Design, Methods, and Grant Writing
BME495-0-24 Experimental Design and Measurement
PH446 Clinical Trials
HSIP445 Data Science for Clinical, Translational, and Population Researchers

Project management and product development process

Course Number Course Title
ENTREP495-0 Nuvention Therapeutics
PREDICT 475-L Project Management
PROJ_PMI 402-0 Applied Project Management
MSCI303 Drug Development Process
IGP/MSCI 422 Introduction To Translational Research

Quality Systems

Course Number Course Title
MSRC 401-0 or 401-DL Quality Systems for Regulatory compliance
QARS425-0 Quality Assurance Quality Management
QARS420-0 Practical Quality Management


Q: What if a certificate class is offered in a quarter concurrent with my Master’s studies?
A: You may take classes anytime, but most students take all the certificate classes concurrently with the internship after completing the coursework related to the Master’s degree.

Q: When will I officially graduate?
A: You may walk in the spring graduation with the rest of your class, but your degree will be conferred on completion of the certificate program so that you are still part of the Graduate School and eligible to take the required classes.

Q: Is any financial aid available?
A: Beyond the pay received from the internship employer, no additional financial aid is available at this time. 

Q: Can international students participate?
A: Yes, but visas must be extended through the International Student Office.


Please complete the application and submit to Mark Fisher by March 9.