BME 391: Healthcare Technology Innovation and Design

Quarter Offered

Winter : South Africa ; Kelso, Glucksberg


Open to participants in the Global Health Technologies Program only



Principles and practice of medical device design for the developing world.  Evaluation of user needs in the environment of under-resourced segments of South African health care system.  Validation and verification of engineering design solutions.

who takes it

Required for participants in the Global Health Technologies Program.

what it's about

In this course students work in teams to develop designs for new biomedical products in South Africa and other resource poor countries in the region.  Students will communicate information about the designs in both oral and written form and will be expected to build working prototypes where feasible.  In cases where prototypes are not feasible students will be expected to produce design concepts which not only will work, but will also meet the requirements of the stakeholders.  


  • Acquisition processes
  • Assessment of diagnostic technologies
  • Asset management
  • Cost-effectiveness techniques
  • Equipment donation guidelines
  • Health needs assessment
  • Life-cycle costing
  • Program costs in the economic evaluation of health interventions
  • Technology innovation and application cycles


No textbook. Students will be assigned multiple primary sources of information and review articles to develop a comprehensive background in the both technology and the use environment.