BME 395-0-4: Pharmaceutical Engineering: From Discovery to Therapeutics

Quarter Offered

Winter : MWF 12-12:50pm ; Moskal, O'Neill


Prerequisites: General chemistry, organic chemistry


BME395 will take students through the process of drug development from initial innovative concept and identified medical need, to proof of efficacy, clinical trials, and translation to ‘big pharma’.  Professor Moskal will draw upon his experience from academia and industry to chart out each critical step of drug development; additional industry experts will present guest lectures. 

Who Takes It? 

BME395 is designed for BME Juniors and Seniors.  Graduate students in BME or related fields will be welcome, class size permitting.


  • Innovation and therapeutic motivation
  • Target identification
  • Getting to clinical trials through a successful IND
  • Developing a clinical trial plan (phase I, II, & III trials)
  • Translation to beyond the lab/start-up
  • Laboratories: EEG, actigraphy, PCR, & animal work demo

Textbook/Required Materials:

None, all material distributed as part of the course. 


Please direct inquiries to Prof O'Neill: