BME 425: fMRI (Functional Imaging), formerly 495-0-21

Quarter Offered

Spring : TTh 6pm-7:30pm ; TBD


BME 327 (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or BME 325 (Introduction to Medical Imaging) advisable.


The course will provide a broad overview of imaging applications that are beyond simple anatomic depiction . While MRI will be predominantly discussed modality, there will be discussions regarding other modalities and highlight the major pros and cons with each of them. Principl es of tracer methods used in imaging, fMRI contrast mechanisms, scanning techniques , temporal and spatial limits and both research and clinical applications will be discussed. The concepts of molecular imaging of specific molecular events will also be presented. The lectures by instructors and other experts from this region will be combined with students’ presentations and discussions of current papers describing applications of the methods introduced in the lectures. By the end of the course, students should have a fundamental knowledge of cutting - edge functional imaging techniques and their applications in research and clinical practice


  • Functional Imaging – more than anatomy
  • Perfusion-based and Flow-based functional MRI: principles, imaging techniques, applications
  • Neuro fMRI demo
  • PET imaging
  • Diffusion tensor imaging applications
  • Non-neuro fMRI applications (heart, kidney, lung, etc.)
  • Neuro fMRI applications
  • Resting State fMRI
  • Magnetic Nanostructures: Diagnostic and Theranostic applications
  • In-utero diffusion imaging in hypoxia-ischemia model to predict post-natal outcomes
  • Metabolic imaging: biochemical events, principles of MR Spectroscopy, intrinsic & extrinsic multinuclear probes, localized MR spectroscopy techniques (single voxel, multi voxel), data analysis, applications
  • Molecular imaging: principles, MRI contrast agents, scanning methods, applications


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