BME 307-0-01: Quantitative Experimentation and Design

Quarter Offered

None : MWF 12:00-1:00pm ; O'Neill
Spring : MWF 3:00-3:50pm ; O'Neill, Golestani Rad


BME 220, IEMS 303, or ME 359; BME 305 and 306


The objective of this course is to provide BME undergraduate students with skills required to design experiments, conduct measurements, and analyze the resulting data. This will be accomplished using a series of lectures and four laboratory modules concerning quantitative physiology, physiological measurement techniques, instrument design, and statistical design of experiments.

Who Takes It?

BME students typically take this course in their junior year after taking BMD_ENG 305 and 306.


  • sensor characterization and calibration
  • displacement, respiratory, electrophysiological, and diffusion measurement techniques and instrumentation
  • design of experiments
  • report writing

Required Class Materials

nScope, Matlab