BME 305-0-01: Introduction to Biomedical Signals and Electrical Circuits

Quarter Offered

Fall : MWF 4:10-5:00pm ; Zhang


PHYSICS 135-2 or consent of instructor.


This course focuses on hands-on skills of electrical circuit analysis, electronics, and signal processing designed for biomedical engineering students. This is the first course in the biomedical signal processing series (BME 306 and BME 307 will follow).

Who takes it?

This course is designed for BME juniors.


Basic concepts of circuit analysis
Resistive circuits
Nodal analysis and loop analysis
Capacitor, inductor, and transistor
AC circuits and power analysis
EKG principle and acquisition
Fourier transform
Filtering, bandwidth, sampling, and aliasing

Required Class Materials

Customized Engineering Circuit Analysis, by J. David Irwin & R. Mark Nelms, Wiley

Suggested Class Materials

Electronics out of the Lab, Michael Peshkin, Northwestern University Mechanical Engineering.

Teaching Methods

Every student will need to obtain an electronics kit specifically designed by Northwestern University faculty members for this courses. BME 306 and BME 307 will also need this kit.