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Conference Travel


Please see below for instructions on how to request travel funds for your research trip. 

Student Conference Travel

Support for travel should be sought in the following order:

1. TGS Conference Travel Grant

Students must apply at least 30 days in advance of the first day of travel.

Students are eligible:

  • After completing 3 quarters of full-time study
  • If acting as the primary presenter at the conference
  • For up to two grants of $600 over the course of their academic career
  • For one grant per fiscal year (9/1 - 8/31)
  • If registered and in good academic standing

If student is not eligible for the TGS travel grant, he or she can skip this step.

2. Adviser Support
  • Check if adviser has travel budget from research grant.
  • Adviser must commit at least $200 towards the travel expenses.*
  • if student is eligible but has not applied for the TGS Travel Grant (or misses the application deadline), adviser must provide support for conference travel (no department support is available).

*If adviser has no chair allocation funds for travel support, no adviser contribution is required. The department will still provide up to $600 for student travel.

3. Department Support
  • If additional trip funds are needed beyond the adviser's contribution, the department will match the adviser's contribution, up to $600.
  • If both TGS Travel Grants have been awarded, department will match the adviser's contribution, up to $600.
  • Department will provide up to three grants of $600 during the course of a student's academic career. 

External Travel Awards: 

If a student is awarded an external travel grant (e.g., from SIAM) and needs additional funds to cover his or her expenses, the department will match the adviser's contribution, up to $600.