Class of 2021

Photo of Xuan Clara Yu

Xuan (Clara) Yu graduated with general honor and departmental honor from Vassar College in May 2020 with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Mathematics. She realized her passion in data science through Econometrics and polished her analytical skills through various statistics courses and projects. As an Economics student interested in political dynamics, she actively engaged with group projects and research in societal issues using her data analysis skills. Her projects explored various political and social issues, like labor strikes, air pollution, and election. She was fascinated by how quantitative methods can be used to examine abstract concepts.

To gain more practical experience in a real business setting, Clara interned at Noah wealth management company between school years, which gave her the opportunity to understand industry dynamics. In the internship, she was in charge of recommending personal insurance portfolio for clients based on their information. By performing segmentation and clustering analysis, she identified clients with the most common similarities. It helped managers identify suitable products for each customer and promote overall operation efficiency. This experience reinforced her desire to utilize data identifying real-world problems and generating business insights.

On a personal front, Clara is a 17-year piano player with abundant experience accompanying the college choir and performing on stage. She is also an active participant in volunteering, helping rural Chinese children through mentoring and coordinating donation events.

In the MSiA program at Northwestern, Clara is eager to receive professional training in analytics through the comprehensive curriculum and team projects. She is excited to collaborate with a cohort that shares enthusiasm in data science. After the MSiA program, she aims to become a data scientist who helps companies identify potential opportunities and facilitate business success.