Class of 2021

Photo of Ziyue Allen Xu

Allen graduated as a junior from Northwestern University in 2020 with Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Communication Studies. He developed an interest in data science shortly after entering college and had dedicated rest of his collegiate career fining his data analytical skills. Through a combination of coursework, research experience, summer internships, extracurricular activities and online classes, Allen has armed himself with solid statistical and coding background. Allen is excited to join MSiA to better prepare himself as a future data scientist.

Allen had his first exposure to data science with Northwestern’s Sports Analytics Group, where he led a group as a freshman to evaluate soccer teams’ chemical reaction using match data. To succeed his role, Allen took data science classes in school and completed a hundred-hour Datacamp R track after class. With this foundation, he then turned to the world of academia to polish his data wrangling and visualization skills. He joined Northwestern’s ATLAS lab and helped NASA to analyze astronauts' communication pattern. There Allen coded the behavior report from astronauts into data for his peer researchers. He also practiced his analyzing skills  joining Northwestern's SONIC lab, where Allen built up a scoring system for classroom networking samples and analyzed the result to evaluate team message delivery efficiency.

At work field, Allen was recognized for his work ethics and adaptability. In summer of 2020, Allen interned in CIBC’s global markets Chicago team. Within two weeks, he learnt excel VBA from scratch and spent rest of his internship conducting automation update for his team. By the end of three-month, Allen had automated the client email, executive dashboard, and monthly portfolio review operations for services across three departments. All those changes have been put in use and are estimated to save 500+ hours of manual work annually. Before that Allen also interned as a data developer in DV Trading, where he designed trading strategies and conducted backtesting using R-studio. He also recoded R to c++ for his group to handle large market datasets over the last decades.

Throughout his experiences, Allen realized that the digitization of our society has created a surge of underutilized data. By joining MSiA, Allen wants to sharpen his skills and vision so that he could develop data-driven systems that help companies to avoid operational risks and improve communication efficiency.