Class of 2021

Photo of Hao Xu

Hao graduated from CUNY Baruch College with a major in finance and double minors in mathematics and computer information systems. During his time at Baruch, Hao participated in various internship programs including venture capital, investment banking, and consulting. During the process, Hao sharpened his business acumen and strategic thinking ability exposing himself to real-world business scenarios. More importantly, intrigued by the possibility of technology applications in the real-world, Hao decided to devote his career to data science. During his senior year of undergraduate study, Hao involved himself in multiple data science projects including predictive modeling and database designing and implementation. He also wrote his undergraduate thesis where he used a cross-section regression method to examine the applicability of the Fama-French 5 factor model in the Chinese stock market. These experiences led him to the opportunity to work as a business analyst on the AI research team at AlphaSense, Inc. where he further honed his technical skills and ability to work with cross-functional teams in a technology-oriented environment.

At AlphaSense, Inc. Hao was primarily involved in different types of NLP projects. He collaborated closely with the AI team, project team, and engineer team to build NLP processing systems including a KPI extractor.  He leveraged Python spaCy to automatically identify important information from multiple raw text sources including transcripts, press releases, and news. He also built and implemented a document type recommender and an industry relevant metrics generator by applying n-gram and fuzzy match algorithms on user search history data with BigQuery and Python.  During his time at AlphaSense, Hao also led a couple of back-testing projects. He evaluated the company’s sentiment model accuracy by conducting back-testing on 15yr market data with Python, and he designed a market sentiment level tracking index by performing back-testing on major indexes. Besides the technical responsibilities, Hao also actively created value leveraging his business background. He researched and built a comprehensive business event taxonomy for the research team to build hierarchical smart synonyms, and he actively performed competitive analysis and user interviews to discover how other products and solutions approach similar problems.

With years of exploring and practicing, Hao now possesses a solid foundation in theoretical and technical skills as well as real-world implementation techniques. His hybrid background in both business and technology makes it possible for him to work seamlessly with cross-functional teams and maximize the output. He is looking forward to being part of the iota cohort of MSiA and continue improving his capabilities of making real impacts. The exploration of data science's possibility will never stop!