Class of 2021

Photo of Congda Xu

Congda Xu earned his bachelor degree from New York University’s Stern School of Business, and took a double major in Finance and Computer Science. He gained a deep exposure to the business world during his multiple previous internships in the financial industry. At DailyFX, he conducted fundamental analysis to the FOREX market and utilized technical indicators to build trading strategies. At Sinolink Securities, he engaged in an IPO project and accumulated experience in corporate finance through due diligence, onsite investigations and working paper writing. The internship that sparked his interest in business analytics was the one he took at Castle Placement. He managed a database of over 330,000 investors and issuers, and led discussion about quantitative factors like previous transaction size or company value and qualitative factors like geographic location or industry that can serve as inputs for a machine learning process to enhance the performance of matching potential issuers and investors. Through the internship, he was impressed by the effectiveness and efficiency of transforming a traditional brokerage deal into a data-based filtering and selection process, and came to realize the groundbreaking power of quantitative, data-driven approaches to the financial world.

Congda also played an active role in various projects and researches. In an NLP project on word prediction, he and his team implemented N-gram and TF-IDF models to explore potential enhancements to word prediction performance by increasing keystroke saving rate. During the project, they utilized machine learning tools like GIS and SVM to analyze a corpus of 10000 words. He also engaged in a research on “China’s Evolving Financial System” which was led by his Finance professor at Stern. He collected qualitative and quantitative data of Chinese market, visualized the data using Python, and wrote code for her PCA analysis of ETF and bond market. After the COVID-19 outbreak, he used R to track and visualize the pandemic, and compared the trend of case number increase around the globe. The lesson he learned from these projects were the approaches to applying data analytics to real-life settings.

In Congda’s leisure time, he loves playing the Fantasy Basketball, which requires a huge amount of sports analytics and business strategies, and he is also excited of playing Texas Hold’em. In these games he developed strong interest in making analysis using information. Holding this passion, he is eager to pursue a career in business analytics or tech consulting, where he can help companies create more value under the merging trend of business and data science.