Class of 2021

Photo of Yijun Wu

Yijun graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Illinois at Urbana-champaign with dual degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Statistics in May 2020. Yijun first developed her interest in analytics during her sophomore year of civil engineering study. She found that statistical models and data analysis are very useful in the field of civil engineering. Civil engineers develop statistical models for risk analysis considering multiple hazards from earthquakes to hurricanes, tornados, and fire. Surprising by the fact that data analytical skill is beneficial in many different disciplines, she decided to pursue a second degree in statistics.

After taking statistics courses, Yijun equipped herself with more analytical techniques and started to take up internships for more hands-on experiences in a professional setting. During the summer of 2019, she interned as a data analyst at 31 Jiu, a startup beverage importer and distributor in China. During the internship, she managed to utilize the historical sales data to provide a sales forecast for the company to better manage their purchasing and stock level. She first calculated the monthly and annual growth rate based on the sales data and summarized the seasonal changes in the sales volume. Then, she conducted regression prediction models for sales performance through R using the Holt-winters method. Finally, she estimated safety stock and offered data support to the subsequent optimization of order placement and sales program. This internship experience not only gave her a great sense of fulfillment but also strengthened her determination to become a data analyst in the future.

In order to expand her knowledge in the field of analytics, Yijun joined MSiA to continue her study. Through the program, she hopes to improve her analytical skills and gain more experiences on utilizing analytical skills to solve real world business problem. She believes she would become a good candidate for data analyst in the future.