Class of 2021

Photo of Uygar Sozer

Uygar graduated from Williams College cum laude with a B.A. in Chemistry in June 2017. Thanks to the well-rounded and flexible nature of a liberal arts education, he was able to nurture many different academic interests including mathematics, biology, and Chinese language. Eventually, with a desire to study a quantitative field in the realm of life sciences, he focused on chemistry. After spending two summers on Williams campus conducting research in computational, followed by inorganic chemistry, he began to explore pathways towards a career in scientific research.

After graduation, Uygar was highly interested in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. He worked at the University of Pittsburgh under Dr. Peter Wipf on designing and synthesizing inhibitor compounds for preventing tumor proliferation, guided by biological and pharmacological data. After his one-year stay, which resulted in the publication of a patent, he transferred to Eli Lilly and Co., a pharmaceutical giant headquartered in Indianapolis. Finally, he worked at the Rockefeller University in New York City to work under the Nobel laureate neuroscientist Dr. Paul Greengard, studying how Alzheimer’s disease originates on a molecular level. During his research career, he maintained an interest in the collection of data and how various data shapes future steps in the drug discovery pipeline. He was especially impressed by the role of artificial intelligence plays in the design of potential treatments for the most relentless diseases. This led him to crown his academic and professional achievements with a master's degree in data analytics.

Looking to improve upon his analytical and computational skills, as well as to broaden his career potentials, Uygar is very excited to be a part of MSiA. During his time, he hopes to learn cutting-edge methods in data manipulation and machine learning, and how business value is harnessed in data-driven industries.