Class of 2021

Photo of Sherman Lu

Sherman graduated from the University of California, Irvine in 2019 with a major in Data Science. The classes that he took not only helped develop the requisite skills for anyone pursuing a career in data science, but along with the research experience, both allowed him to realize the full potential of data science as an interdisciplinary field. Because of this, he has been seeking opportunities that not only have an analytical spin, but ones that also allow him to work within a field that he is passionate about and will ultimately broaden his understanding of the world.

Outside of the classroom, Sherman primarily did research. One major research opportunity was in the field of moral psychology. This project focused on collecting raw data, building optimized machine learning models, and extrapolating the results in a presentable fashion. The research also introduced him to social media data and how to deal with the lexical nature of it. After graduation, he worked as a research assistant at Academia Sinica in Taiwan. Unlike his research experiences in college, this role had him work outside of his comfort zone in computer vision. For the duration of the year, he worked on research projects with his coworkers, most notably a project aiming to improve upon one-class anomaly detection tasks. Concurrent to this role, Sherman volunteered with Bluebonnet Data as a tech fellow for the 2020 election cycle. He has been providing down-ballot political campaigns technical expertise in several analytical tools designed for campaign optimization. This opportunity has allowed him to work with both social media and demographic data, and helped him practice communicating crucial technical analysis to people with non-technical backgrounds.

While Sherman’s passion for data science developed from baseball, his ultimate motivation to pursue this career lies in his desire to both constantly continue to learn and to make the world a slightly better place every day. Given the interdisciplinary nature of data science and the increasingly data-centric world, he believes data science is the perfect field to achieve these goals. As a first year student in the MSiA program, he is without a doubt excited to join a group of talented students and to tackle the challenges the program will surely throw at him.