Class of 2021

Photo of Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis graduated magna cum laude in 2017 from Brigham Young University (BYU) with a B.S. in Economics. He especially enjoyed his graduate-level coursework in econometrics which introduced him to the principles of supervised machine learning and the breadth of its applications in uncovering causality and optimizing desired outcomes.

Following his graduation at BYU, Brian joined Cornerstone Research as an Analyst where he worked primarily in the economics practice area. There, he implemented his econometrics skills to analyze data across a variety of high-profile commercial litigation matters. In his first year and a half at Cornerstone, Brian conducted numerous linear regression event studies using data from Bloomberg, CapIQ, and CRSP while programming in SQL, R, and STATA. As a Senior Analyst, he managed and led teams in analyzing complex Markov models, programming algorithms to detect healthcare patient fraud, predicting consumer debt default rates, and automating hundreds of data visualizations for non-technical audiences. Brian was then selected join Cornerstone’s internal data science team as an Analytics Consultant in January 2020. His most recent work involved developing text-scraping algorithms to track illegal wire transfers in a forensic accounting matter, automating weekly API pulls of massive advertising data, and optimizing customer value for airline ticket prices using machine learning models. In this role, Brian wore many hats across data science, data engineering, and project management roles while deepening his knowledge and use of SQL, R, Python, Git, ArcGIS, and Bash. 

Brian is now an active student of the MS in Analytics program at Northwestern University and expects to graduate in December 2021. Brian hopes to continue developing deeper skills in statistics, machine learning, geospatial analysis, and project management while attending the program. In his free time, Brian enjoys SCUBA diving, cooking Indonesian food with his wife, and teaching teens and adults the basics of personal finance.