Class of 2021

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Matthew graduated in May 2020 a Junior Marshall and Phi Beta Kappa inductee from Centre College, located in Danville, Kentucky. As a Mathematics major, supplemented with coursework in Computer Science and Economics, Matthew reinforced his interest in statistics and problem solving to give him an astute understanding of the dependency each field has with one another.

At Centre College, Matthew was able to participate in mathematics research in the field of graph theory and produce new research in graph labelings, which he was able to present at mathematics conferences along with his two research partners. While participating in SCUDEM mathematical modeling competitions for multiple years, he solidified his interest in utilizing various mathematical models to solve unique problems. Matthew was able to use his academic knowledge from a wide scope of courses in his internship at a local economics consulting firm in Lexington, Kentucky named Commonwealth Economics. Working two summers there, Matthew first led a fiscal analysis of a proposed tax incentive for the state of Kentucky for Keeneland Association, Inc., where he utilized econometric models to focus on finding the most productive tax structure on possible legalized sports gambling options. He was able to share his findings with state lawmakers who then put in a bid for a newly drafted Kentucky HB 175. His second summer, Matthew was able to conduct a financial impact analysis of a corporation prompted by the EPA tasked with understanding the financial impact of upholding EPA water pollution standards by assessing impacts on profitability, liquidity, solvency, and leverage for the company. 

Matthew hopes to introduce more complex mathematical models and analytical skills to draw the most accurate information from data, especially when working on projects that affect a large number of people or large corporations. Outside of class, Matthew has been lucky to play tennis competitively for most of his life up through college on the team. Recently during quarantine, he has picked up yoga and enjoys it tremendously so far, as do his previously very tight hamstrings.