Class of 2021

Photo of Tiffany Ke

Tiffany graduated magna cum laude from National Taiwan University with a degree in International Business. Throughout her time at National Taiwan University, she participated in many case competitions and real-life studies to solve business problems from a strategical and analytical perspective. With a strong business background, she was offered and partook in many internships before graduation, with focuses on marketing and public relations. During the exploration of marketing solutions and consumer insights, Tiffany was motivated to dive deep into the world of analytics, and seek an understanding of data that would help generate potential value to businesses.

After graduation, Tiffany entered HTC headquarters to become their youngest business analyst for the Greater China region. While overseeing regional budgets, she self-learned SQL and R coding to implement analytics to evaluate the efficiency of budget usage and projected sales. Tiffany also worked with regional teams to gain understanding of the local smartphone business environment and the stock issues that would frequently arise. To prevent overstock, she set up a predictive model that would calculate the proposed ideal stock quantity over the period of launch. She was promoted over the course of 2 years to oversee not only her original Greater China region, but then North and South America markets, and in turn, the Virtual Reality (VR) business segment of the Middle East.

 During the spring of 2019, Tiffany then entered Lingble as a project manager and business development core member with focus on the creation of logic for their E-Commerce solution and strategic client management. She led the communication between the business team and the development team to produce timely results and has also analyzed from raw data many issues that are critical to direction of strategy in many E-Commerce components. One particular example was the analysis of the customer support response time and flow and the customer return rates, done across an internal dataset to determine support flow and 3rd party application decision.

 With a business background and a passion in analytics, Tiffany is excited to leverage the power of story and the power of data to create immense business value in companies. As a member of the MSiA program at Northwestern University, she looks to hone her analytical skills and strengthen her computational toolkit to merge her skillset as a strong business analyst or data scientist.