Class of 2021

Photo of Cheng Hao Ke

Cheng Hao comes to Northwestern’s Master of Science in Analytics program with nearly three years of experience as a data and statistical analyst. He is accomplished in most areas of data science, including statistical analysis and machine learning model evaluation. Cheng Hao graduated in 2016 with an MS in Public Administration from National Chengchi University, Taiwan. During his studies, Cheng Hao’s contribution to numerous research projects helped him realize that his passion lies not just with any particular subject, but in discovering associations using an evidence based approach. Cheng Hao’s pursuit of his passion led him to self learn statistical methods and programming skills not taught in class. These efforts resulted in his thesis winning the 2017 TASPAA Distinguished Doctoral and Master’s Thesis Award.

After graduation, Cheng Hao worked for a CRO company as a statistical analyst. He collaborated with academic experts to design and conduct statistical analyses on various clinical topics. Cheng Hao’s ability to rapidly absorb new domain-specific knowledge and his deep understanding of various statistical methodologies allowed him to also work on designing databases to serve clients interested in particular diseases. In Cheng Hao’s subsequent job as a data analyst at a technology company, he wrote programs to automate company BI reports and database data insertion. He also coded user friendly applications to help non-technical teams better understand product performances. After the company’s merger, Cheng Hao was promoted to Data Analyst Team Leader. Cheng Hao pivoted the team to provide the company with in-depth analyses of user behaviors using statistical models. To elevate his team’s productivity, Cheng Hao coded frequently used functions into easy to use packages. He also expanded the team’s responsibilities to include product design probability calculations and performance simulations. 

Cheng Hao believes that while data science is a valuable skill that can be used to derive a greater understanding of the real world, its potential to be misused can be disastrous. Thus, he is interested in bringing greater transparency to the use of algorithms and applying data science to bring about a more objective understanding within any discipline. Cheng Hao hopes to achieve these goals by joining the MSiA program. He is eager to expand his toolkit of data science technologies and to diversify his approach to analytics by learning from peers and experts within both academia and industry.