Class of 2021

Photo of Saleel Huprikar

Saleel Huprikar recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied economics, mathematics and statistics. Saleel is very passionate about the intersection of statistics and social sciences; he recently published a research paper in the Berkeley Economic Review that employs a statistical regression framework to analyze how state-level and local-level economic conditions affect people’s attitudes towards the prospect of a federal minimum wage increase. At UPenn, he was a statistics research intern in a quantitative social science program, and he served as a teaching assistant for introductory data science and statistics courses. Saleel was a key contributor on a Wharton analytics consulting team that developed a machine learning model for an industry client to help the client better understand its customer base.

Following his graduation from UPenn in December 2019, Saleel worked as a data science intern at Premise Data, a data technology/crowdsourcing firm. At the company, he developed and implemented statistical methodologies that helped the organization comprehend the data it was collecting and establish an analytical strategy for future data collection. These methodologies have been incorporated into viable data products for government and non-government clients.

Saleel looks forward to continuing his education in data science and exploring the field in a variety of industries. Outside of his studies, Saleel is an avid sports fan, enjoys playing the piano, debate and community service.