Class of 2021

Photo of Dunyeng Huh

Dunyeng Huh earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame with double majors in Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics and Economics. Dunyeng cultivated his interest in analytics through his undergraduate internship. As a Quantitative Researcher at Morningstar, he helped the Managed Account team to better understand customer retention. He built an anomaly detection model by applying the KNN algorithm, which pinpointed 28 datapoints with abnormally high churn rates from 660000+ rows of customer data. After studying the outliers, he then classified the data into voluntary and involuntary churns by investigating the time spent on account deletions. His research allowed the Managed Account team to identify retirement plans with low customer satisfaction.

After graduating from college, Dunyeng worked as a technology consultant for Deloitte. Participating in SAP implementation and supply chain maturity assessment projects, he provided project management help to a team of 45 people and engaged in stakeholder interviews to understand the client’s supply chain technical sphere. 1.5 years of consulting experience allowed him to adjust to the fast-paced project environment, take initiatives, and work as a member of a team.

In his meantime, Dunyeng enjoys working on personal analytics projects. He has been using different Kaggle dataset to practice Data Science concepts which includes regression, classification, time series modeling, and natural language processing. Dunyeng is very excited to join the MSiA program, which would add depth and breadth to his analytical projects.