Class of 2021

Photo of Peixuan Huang

Peixuan finished his undergraduate study at Boston College. As an Economics and Computer Science student, he was able to gain multiple experiences in heavily data-related work and projects, including writing an automatic trading algorithm utilizing the ridge regression to predict stock prices and trading criteria, building an Oracle Apex shopping cart application, collecting and analyzing the financing history of Chinese major investment banks during his consulting internship, and deriving a research and data plan for analyzing the network effects of the Steam platform. Through such experiences, he gradually realized his passion and strength in working with data.

In his junior year, Peixuan took his first introductory course to data science and analytics. From the course, he learned the basic statistical methods for data science, machine learning models, business case analysis, and hands-on application via R. For the final projects, he and his team conducted analytics on the movie industry. They were able to determine the significant factors influencing the profitability using both OLS and classification models, and also explore interest groups using clustering analysis on the user ratings. Feeling amazed by the many intriguing applications and the theoretical foundation, Peixuan began to work as a research assistant to facilitate data-driven research projects on business innovations. His works involved mostly data collection, processing, and manipulation to ensure organized data structures were prepared for the higher-level implementation. For example, he was able to extract information such as institution names, timestamps, keywords, etc., from the raw texts acquired from the Webhose archive and organized them into a structured data frame later used for sentimental analysis. In another project related to the trend of GPU general computing, Peixuan did major work in aggregating and reorganizing the GPU benchmark data and combing it with a topic modeling dataset, which was then used in a distributed lag model.

As a result of his experience and interest in analytics, after graduation Peixuan decided to enter a graduate program that would provide him with more extensive knowledge and hands-on practices in data science. He was extremely excited to be a member of the MSiA at Northwestern University as he resonated with the program’s vision and strove to evolve into a full-stack data scientist. As for career interests, Peixuan was most inspired to find data solutions to bring business innovations, and his focuses lied on the intersection of analytics, product development, and digital marketing. Therefore, he believed his decision to join the MSiA was one crucial step towards his career and personal goal.