Class of 2021

Photo of Sara Ho

Sara Ho earned her Bachelor’s from the University of Virginia with double majors in Economics and Applied Statistics in 2017. After graduating, she spent two and a half years as a Research Associate in the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. While at the Fed, she pursued projects where she could cultivate her growing interest in data analytics. She extracted, transformed, and analyzed data from the National Establishments Time Series database which contained over 20 million businesses each year, spanning 25 years. The results of her work are forthcoming in the NBER Macroeconomics Annual under the paper “Diverging Trends in National and Local Concentration,” which shows that market concentration is actually decreasing according to various local measures, even though it is rising at a national level. For a research project on financial intermediation, she analyzed data on credit default swap trades. She organized a data repository with over 9TB of data, extracted relevant transactions, and wrote code to automate logistic regressions over various subsets of the data. The results show how an asymmetry of information in decentralized markets cause an increase in trade volumes for financial assets. 

In 2019, she began to expand her technical and communication skills as a teaching assistant at the University of Richmond’s School of Professional & Continuing Studies.  She started out teaching on-campus and eventually transitioned to leading one-on-one tutoring sessions online. She helped students learn how to code, analyze data, and use a wide-range of tools to conduct data-based projects. She has taught sessions on python, JavaScript, web frameworks, database administration, data visualization, and machine learning. 

As an incoming member of the MSiA program, Sara is particularly looking forward to working with fellow students and collaborating on industry projects.