Class of 2021

Photo of Xingyun Gary Gu

Xingyun (Gary) Gu earned his bachelor of science degree from University of Washington with a major in Economics and a minor in Apply Mathematics. Growing up in a family where both of his parents were practitioners in the financial industry, Gary has a passion in financial industry and seeks to learn more quantitative methods for making wiser business decisions. During his internship in Haitong Securities Limited as an investment bank analyst intern, Gary participated in a cross-border merger and acquisition for a hotel management school and was responsible for pitching and collecting data. During his work, Gary realized the power of data-driven interpretation and the importance of data analytics in industry research. Back to school, Gary started to take more data related courses and cultivated an interest in data analytics. 

Gary applied the quantitative methods and machine learning model into his project. At his senior year, Gary did a project focusing on using the neuron network machine learning model to predict the stock price movement for the next year based on the fundamental data from the current 10-k filing. The fundamental data is one of the most important indicators for the stock price of a company, but it is almost impossible for a financial analyst to examine every number and indicators in the 10-k report. Also, there are many hidden patterns and relationships between fundamental data and the stock price that is difficult for human to identify. So, I trained a neuron network model with two hidden layers, each of which has 128 neuron nodes to predict the price variation. Under the 2000 times training iterations, his model achieved the prediction accuracy of 58% with 2.85 MAE and 38.70 MSE. This project experience was thrilling and showed him the potential of data analytics in making investment decisions.

In Gary’s leisure time, he enjoys traveling and immersing himself into different cultures. He believes that every journey is a adventure which will expand his mindset and horizon. The MSiA program in Northwestern University is another adventure which would hone his data analytical skills and sharpen his business acumen. Gary is eager to pursue a career in business analytics or consulting in which he could leverage the analytical tools to provide business solution for company under this data-driven business background.