Class of 2021

Photo of Stephen Gill

Stephen Gill graduated from McGill University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Commerce, after studying Statistics, Finance, and Computer Science. Once an aspiring general manager, he first discovered his passion for data science through the field’s countless connections to the sporting world, and soon after reading the work of leading sports analysts, he set out on projects of his own. While replicating some previous works and performing several original investigations, he taught himself to acquire, clean, analyze, and visualize data using Python and R. Concurrently, he rearranged his coursework in order to gain strong proficiency in the theory underlying statistics and computer science while still maintaining his foundational curriculum in finance and general management.

Stephen first put these newly-acquired skills and knowledge to use in a professional setting as an intern for the operations department of Home Credit US, a multinational credit institution. In this role, he immediately took on the responsibilities of creating daily, weekly, and monthly reporting materials. Beyond those regular activities, he individually conducted ad-hoc analyses for the department, answering leadership’s questions regarding issues including cardholder churn reasons, call volume seasonality, and irregular calling activity levels. In bits of downtime, he automated data management and monitoring processes, saving hours of the analytics team’s time every week in the process. In his final year at McGill, he worked as a student fellow in the Faculty of Management, assisting research in financial analyst reports and academic studies regarding such reports. As a fellow, he used those same skills to programmatically assess past stock reports from numerous investment banks, extract data on tens of thousands of journal articles, and perform textual analysis and identify topics and methods used in selections of those articles.

In the MSiA program, Stephen is thrilled to acquire an advanced skill set in and comprehensive understanding of the field of analytics, and to put each to use. He is most familiar with the field through the lenses of finance and sport, but his interests and experiences are not limited to those realms: He has previously held positions in journalism and public policy, and he is excited by the prospect of branching out even further. Regardless of where a data science career may take him, he looks forward to getting started.