Class of 2021

Photo of Michael Faulkner

Michael graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in May 2020 with a BS in Chemical Engineering. Taking classes such as process design and energy transfer during his undergraduate career helped establish his interest in optimization and data analysis. However, it was not until his internship experience that he realized how big of an impact data can have.

During 2018, Michael interned as a process engineer at Grande Cheese, a local cheese manufacturer. There, he analyzed the operating conditions of one of the packaging lines to make optimization improvements. He was able to significantly decrease the seal failure rate by updating the temperature and speed of the process. The following fall Michael was able to partake in a class that used data to help better the community around Madison. He analyzed police employment data to tackle the massive police turnover rate the Madison PD was facing. Working with a local councilman, he was able to create possible solutions and increase the employment duration of the average police officer.

Michael is eager to attend Northwestern to continue pursuing his interests in analytics. With a desire to grow and an aptitude for analytical problems, Michael aims to expand his current skill set and take on more complicated challenges.