Class of 2021

Photo of Haozhang Michael Deng

Haozhang graduated from the University of Rochester in 2020, with a dual degree in Data Science and Economics, and a minor in Business. At the beginning of college, Haozhang sought internships in various positions, including product implementation and market research. Through his work experience, Haozhang developed a strong passion in data analytics and decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in data science. As Haozhang delved more profound in data science through his undergraduate study, he became fascinated by the power of data. Assisted by his interdisciplinary background, Haozhang believes that data is a special but substantial angle to see and understand the world. This idea has become a part of his thinking process which helped him in solving complicated real-world challenges.

Yearning to gain exposure to more complex projects in data science, Haozhang seized the chance to do undergraduate research at the University of Notre Dame during his junior summer. Haozhang led the project to design a visual analytics tool based on data of students’ performance from an introductory chemistry course, aiming to help gain insights on students’ learning behaviors and performance patterns, as well as to investigate the quality of homework and exam questions. Three months later, Haozhang’s team completed PerformanceVis and published it online for use. His innovative visual analytic tool could analyze and visualize students’ performance and assessment items through time. To make the project happen, Haozhang and his team members utilized dataset collected from nearly one thousand students in the chemistry course in Fall 2018 to analyze course performance, student characteristics, and learning behaviors. Multiple data analysis and visualization methods have been used during the study. 

Haozhang is glad to become part of the MSiA program and eager to gain more data science expertise as well as industry project experiences from the program and his program peers. He believes that this program can guide him to step up and reach a higher level in solving practical problems the world faces. Haozhang is ready for challenges.