Class of 2021

Photo of Jun-yong Isaac Choi

Jun-yong "Isaac" Choi earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Ohio State University, specializing in finance and economics in 2014. After his brief career in the finance industry, he took a long journey to change his career trajectory because he wanted to be more technical and work with data. Isaac took mathematics and computer science courses at Northwestern's School of Professional Studies and Oakton Community College. With his improved analytics and computer programming skills, he joined The NPD Group as an Operations Analyst in 2018.

Isaac quickly became the "go-to guy" for data issues at NPD's Rosemont, IL office. He worked extensively with POS and consumer data for foodservice industries, and he added value to the organization by designing and implementing automated processes. His work saved countless hours of manual labor while improving consistencies and reducing human errors. The quicker and more accurate methods of generating reports and visualizations guided large foodservice brands to form vivid stories from NPD's enormous data. Isaac also introduced Python programs that curtailed costly manual data-entry and human interventions. His implementation of data scraping and fuzzy-matching modules widened the data visibilities, which were previously thought to be too costly to produce.

However, Isaac was not satisfied with his skill set and wanted more than just a "go-to guy" for data issues. Even though he has already seen how data transform organizations for the better, he believes that data will fuel unimaginable growth when data is correctly leveraged by the machines. Isaac strives to be an adroit data scientist whose expertise in machine-learning and predicting models can guide organizations to thrive in the ever uncertain future. He is very excited to improve himself further with MSiA at Northwestern University.