Class of 2021

Photo of Hanyu Cai

Hanyu Cai graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison in December 2019 with major in statistics and minor in computer science & mathematics. College education offered Hanyu a lot of opportunities to deepen her understanding about data science. As a research assistant in biostatistics lab, Hanyu was impressed by the effectiveness of using data science tools to predict genetic disease risks based on genotype data. Later, her joined the High Throughout Computing Center (CHTC) of UW-Madison as a part-time data analyst and helped CHTC improved user experience by integrating and analyzing various user information. During Hanyu’s last semester at Madison, she also worked with Prof. Tyler to help ease traffic pressures in Madison by designing a flexible traffic light patterns using optimization techniques.

When her exploration extended outside the campus, Hanyu interned at Kantar Media, the leading social business intelligence provider. She joined the team that helped clients in fast moving consumer goods industry to draw out business insights over social media platforms. She is responsible of applying Kantar’s analytic tools on millions of social media posts, evaluating brand/campaign performances based on historical data, and preparing visualized findings for clients. To further practice analytics skills in the industry, Hanyu worked as a data analyst intern at Pfizer after graduation. Her team developed the hospital market potential model to estimate the product market for each hospital. Their model helped the sales force effectives department saved millions of RMB by ensuring KPI is appropriately assigned to more than 20k hospitals in each quarter. Employed methods like regression and ARIMA, Hanyu also predicted the future sales amount, checked production performances, and adjusted inappropriate sales target assignment during her analysis. Through the days at Pfizer, Hanyu learned to relate her analytics skills to the industry and thus develop models that can directly help the management make business decisions.

After witnessing the power of data science through various projects and positions, meanwhile, accumulated transferable skills in statistics and programming, Hanyu is further determined to build a career in data science filed. As a candidate of MSiA 2021 class, Hanyu is excited to explore more cutting-edge data science techniques and gaining more experience in industry practice through her study at the program. She looks forward to gaining a comprehensive study in all fields of data science and utilizing those knowledges to help companies better drawing out business insights from data.