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Brooke Kennedy

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Brooke graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics from Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. After taking a course in artificial intelligence, Brooke became interested in machine learning and the possibility of gaining meaningful information from vast amounts of data that is otherwise uninterpretable to the human eye. This interest in machine learning and big data lead to Brooke’s discovery of the emerging and prominent field of data analytics.

Brooke had three internships during her undergraduate experience, along with conducting a two-year research project in the field of robotics. During her internship with Schneider Electric, an energy consulting company, Brooke had the chance to deal with large amounts of data, specifically in the form invoice information. She managed exceptions in the invoice processes that occurred from variance tests and communicated broader issues to external data feed and data entry partners, along with using Microsoft SQL Server and Python to identify and manipulate bulk data sets. This experience showed Brooke the value and necessity for industries to be able to interpret trends and anomalies in Big Data.

Brooke also worked on the Quality Assurance team at The Learning House Inc. as a technology intern. During this time, Brooke was given a variety of projects that included automating test scripts in Java and Python, using PHP and SQL to write scripts to query databases and log information to files, and she performed weekly regression tests on software deployments. She also created an upgrade test plan for the company’s ERP software platform by documenting test cases. Through this internship, Brooke gained firsthand exposure to the Agile Software Development Lifecycle.

Brooke is excited to build upon her existing quantitative and technical background through the MSiA program at Northwestern University and is eager to apply her knowledge to real-world applications.