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Veronica Hsieh

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Originally from the Bay Area, Veronica graduated from the University of Southern California in 2014 with a dual degree in Economics Mathematics and Business Administration. During her undergraduate studies, she enjoyed expanding her knowledge of regression models and other statistical methods that could be applied towards analyzing market trends and inefficiencies. She equally enjoyed her business courses and case projects, where she teamed with classmates to analyze company data and develop a strategy for a particular business issue.

Passionate about consumer products and music, Veronica pursued internships where she could incorporate these interests with data analysis. She interned at a market research firm, Hypothesis Group, where she combined the results from qualitative research and statistical tests to help Fortune 500 companies better understand their customer segments and drive brand awareness. She also spent a year on the Global Sales team at Beats by Dre, analyzing sales data to improve operational efficiency and make strategic growth decisions. Her work included forecasting and performing variance analysis to optimize demand planning, and aggregating revenue data to have a holistic view of the company’s performance across regional markets.

After graduation, Veronica moved to New York City where she worked for Optimity Advisors, a management consulting firm focused on helping clients plan and execute new initiatives, particularly around digital innovation. Two of her key projects included the development of an analytics platform used to streamline a financial services firm’s credit ratings process and the launch of a new subscription video service platform for a media company.  While these projects spurred her interest in building web applications, it also sparked her desire to strengthen her technical skills and integrate more insights and patterns drawn from data into the product development process.

Veronica is excited to be a part of the MSiA program where she can learn advanced analytical & data science techniques that can be applied to large data sets and ultimately help companies make more informed decisions. She believes that establishing solid data analytics practices is key for any present-day company to thrive and looks forward to solving challenging data problems during the industry practicums. Veronica enjoys how data science involves a mixture of cross-functional collaboration, business acumen, and strong analytical skills and is eager to explore her curiosity in this field.