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Grace Cui

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Grace received her bachelor’s degrees in Statistics and Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has always strived to use statistics to not only calculate proportions, probabilities and patterns, but also inform judgments and decisions in the real world. Therefore, throughout her college years, she has been involved in multiple case competitions, research projects and summer internships. For instance, during the 2016 ASA DataFest at UCLA, she and her group opted to work on market capitalization by improving Ticketmaster’s keyword search with real datasets from Ticketmaster. Her team won the Best Use of External Data Award in the end. Experiencing the power of Analytics in the real world for the first time, she made up her mind to study it in graduate school.

Soon after taking some advanced classes in statistics and programming, she started her research project with Prof. Jingyi Li, who is a Statistics professor at UCLA. During the research, she and her team members built an R package that helps users compare tissue or cell types based on chromatin states. She self-studied Python and Unix commands and wrote functions that allow users to enter the location of their files, convert bigwig file into csv file, and turn the data into eligible format for statistical analysis. She also created manual and vignette for the package using R and LaTex. Through this experience, not only did she strengthen her programming skills, but she also learned the methods of conducting research and became capable of learning new concepts and procedures quickly.

Grace is excited to expand her knowledge in analytics and data science through graduate studies and, by working with the top mentors here at the MSiA program, to also gain the wisdom to use it. For her future career, she wishes to become a Market Analytics specialist at an innovative company. Through data-mining, machine-learning and new ways of data collection, she hopes to make discoveries and formulate new approaches of business communication that have never been done before.