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Ethen Liu

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Ethen graduated from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor in Industrial Management. During his junior year at school, he had the opportunity to work with an Industrial Management professor on the project “Integrated Metaheuristic and K-­‐means Algorithm with A-­‐priori on App Analysis,” which was later awarded the National Science Council College Student Research Projects Creativity Award. While working on this project, he found his passion in the field of data science.

After  graduating  from  school  he  started  participating  in  an  industry-­‐academy  cooperation  plan with ERA Communications Co., LTD, where he worked with the marketing team to analyze ticket-­‐selling and Google Analytics’s data. Through this experience of working with real  world  problems,  he  cultivated  the  ability  of  being  able  to  cope  with  pressure  in  a  competitive environment and cooperate with others as a team. In the meantime, he kept on learning from different sources, devoting a lot of time on lessons offered by MOOCs.

Despite being able to acquire the knowledge online, Ethen realized that people who have gotten a related degree and showed the same passion towards this area were much faster at generating  insights  from  data  and  much  better  at  converting  those  insights  into  actions.  Hence, by joining Northwestern’s MSiA program, his goal is to acquire the analytical mindset and technical skills needed to become an impact-­‐driven data scientist.